Solid Organ Procedures


The spleen is an important organ to maintain the immune system of the body. However, it can be overactive and result in destruction of platelets in a disease called Idiopathic Thrombocytopenia Purpura. Removal of the spleen can help in keeping platelet counts high to prevent bleeding or bruising. Also, tumors and cysts can appear in the spleen. Removal of the spleen may be necessary to remove these as well.

The surgery is performed laparoscopically with several small incisions. Typically the surgery takes about one hour and can be done as an outpatient procedure. Two weeks prior to surgery, 3 vaccinations are necessary to build up the body’s immune response: Haemophilus Influenza B, Meningococcus C, and Pneumovax.


The pancreas has several functions for hormone production that influences digestion and blood sugar regulation. The pancreas is generally divided into three sections: head, body, and tail. Cysts and solid tumors can develop in the pancreas. While some cysts are simple and can be observed, others need to be removed. Generally, solid tumors in the pancreas need to be removed.

The surgery to remove the pancreas can be performed laparoscopically or robotically. Depending on the location of the tumor, this can be a low risk or high risk procedure for bleeding and/or leakage of pancreas enzymes.

Cystic and Solid tumors of the abdomen

Occasionally imaging will find tumors present in various locations of the abdomen. These can be mostly fluid filled (cysts) or solid. There are a multitude of difference diagnoses for these lesions. Often, the treatment is removal of these lesions. Depending on the characteristics of the lesion, this may be removed laparoscopically.


The adrenal gland is critical in hormone production that can include effects on blood pressure, heart rate, kidney function and other issues. Tumors of the adrenal gland can arise from the adrenal gland cells or be spread to the adrenal gland from other types of cancer. Removal of the adrenal gland can be performed by laparoscopic surgery. The surgery can take 1-2 hours and be performed as an outpatient procedure.


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